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He will be back... soon enough.


For APRIL FOOLS 2021. Beloved [citation needed} hero Justice Mustache returns to fight people for some reason. Features actual, comprehensible boss AI, strafing, and other QOL improvements.

Enter a strange dimension and travel through WARGATES to take on 15+ strange foes. Can you escape THE VOID? Mega Man-style boss oriented game with some stages and other weird stuff thrown in. MAJESTIC SALES INC. WEBPAGE

My first big release under the current RED-FIRE "brand". Take the role of GRAND DAD, an alien being from another planet as you journey through 8 unique stages to defeat your evil former boss! Action-Platformer featuring various Famicom characters, both licensed and bootleg! (Not as meme-filled as it may lead on.)

Skullman has decided to rebel against Dr. Wily, and now he must take on Wily's strongest forces. Mega Man styled boss rush game.


A proof of concept game for My Hero 3. Fight back invading forces and defend Port Town!

From 2016, a semi-enhanced recreation of the infamous unlicensed SNES shooter Hong Kong 97. Believe it or not, this is not the first time I made a recreation of this game.

(Disclaimer: Features the original game over screen).


For April Fools 2017. 5 levels of sheer pain based on MakonSoftStudio (aka Yong Yong)'s "classic" Gameboy bootlegs. At least this one was a joke...?

From 2012, one of my earliest "big projects". Save the president from a a Japanese baseball mascot in an adventure that gets derailed fairly quickly. Experience crippling collision bugs! Awful, borderline undodgable boss attacks! Platform gameplay that makes Hambo from Action 52 look like Super Mario Bros.! Why am I trying to make a sequel to this again?

(Disclaimer: Incredibly offensive and vulgar. Not for the faint of heart.).

From 2012, take on a slew of criminals in 1-on-1 arena-shooting-esque battles. The first game has you face off against a single opponent (it was made in like 15 minutes just because I thought the name was funny). The second game has you face off against several opponents (but they're all cheap and don't really have comprehensible AI). The third introduces the Deus Ex Machina rage meter mechanic and has the most bosses in the entire series (quality over quantity was not in place here). Also features the spinoff game Christmas Caper, which is probably the most refined of them all (but still isn't very good).

From 2011, MY FIRST VIDEO GAME EVER! Unusually made in Game Maker (the above are either Fusion or Construct), Chaingunguy has all of the trappings of a "first game". Bland default backgrounds for most of it, the feeling that I was discovering features of Game Maker as development went on (which I totally was), nonsensical bosses, a plot that goes from silly to serious (a trend that would continue for many years), and LOADS of "beginner" bugs. This is the first time it has been released to the public in 7 years, as the site it was originally uploaded to was shut down.