NEW FROM 2020! Test your mettle and become the ULTIMATE GAMER(tm) as your make your way through John Goodman's perilous X-Decathlon. Be wary, however, as things may not be as they seem... The official followup to seancon!

Submitted for Vinesauce's 2017 Doom Mapping Contest. Run and Gun inspired gameplay with a ton of enemies. Also was incredibly rushed because of laziness and meeting the deadline.

Submitted for Vinesauce's 2016 Doom Mapping Contest. A frantic boss fight in a huge arena with a ton of stage effects.

Nonsencial jokewad made on impulse during a day of high heat and low hydration. Infamously featured on Vinesauce Joel's channel.

Minialism at its finest.

Made back in 2014. 5 dumb maps satirizing Youtube user Aquarius199, 90's GeoCities, and Sonic. It's aged about as well as you'd expect.

From 2013. Broken enemies, weird (but not in a good way) humor, difficulty levels that start hard and end completely unplayable, and also requires Zandronum due to a single moment that breaks otherwise. Basically, imagine a 12 year old's crack fantasy.

Also, I'm well aware this page is missing a LOT of stuff. Some of it I'm not sure if I really want to associate with anymore...